Our goal at RenewIT is to help students in schools across rural and semi-urban areas to develop key skills that make them employable. By teaching such students to use computers, we strive to make a leap ahead in overcoming technological disparity.

RenewIT works closely with the corporate sector, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations to bridge the digital divide by

  1. Providing refurbished computers donated by corporates to schools.
  2. Setting up all the infrastructure required to make the computer lab operational.

NGOs play an important role in helping us identify schools that are in need of computer labs.

- Our Aim -

We aim to boost computer literacy and consequentially, cause a positive impact on the country’s economy.

Despite a 100 billion dollar IT industry, the rate of IT penetration in India is less than 10%.

To put it in perspective, China has an IT penetration of 54%, Brazil has an IT penetration of 45%. If all of us work together towards improving IT infrastructure, imagine the impact we could create on our economy!

Your contribution will help us in

  • Improving the quality of life of fellow citizens.
  • Retaining and nurturing skilled workers.
  • Improving intellectual property of young India.
  • Increasing job opportunities.
  • Allowing access to information through the World Wide Web, thus leveling the playing field for students across the country.
Mukund (founder)

We won the coveted CNBC Masterpreneur Award as a Social enterprise which is bridging India’s large digital divide.

Mukund (founder)

A graduate in Electronics Engineering from REC Surat, Mukund B.S has done his Post-Graduation in management studies from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Mukund worked in the Marketing team of Aashirvaad in ITC Foods, During his stint at ITC, he was inspired by the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy and was keen to start off a venture which could create a Triple Bottom Line impact. That’s how RenewIT was founded by these two enterprising individuals.

Raghav (Co-Founder)

We won the FKCCI Innovation Excellence Awards for MSMEs 2014. We received the award from Union Minister for MSME – Sri Kalraj Mishra

Raghav (Co-Founder)

Raghav is a graduate from Western Michigan University and MBA from Manchester Business School . He grew a pharmaceutical CMO for a couple of years.During his stint at the pharmaceuticals, when he was upgrading his IT infrastructure, he saw that the way the computers were being disposed could be vastly improved and ended up co-founding ReNew IT with Mukund.