There are over 23 crore students studying in over 13 lakh schools across India. Unfortunately, only a miniscule percentage of students have access to modern teaching methods that deploy technology. Even though the schools are willing to embrace technology, the high costs of infrastructure deter most of these schools.

We aim to benefit such schools by providing them with good quality refurbished computers and helping them set up a computer lab with internet connectivity.

Globally, in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France etc, most of the schools use refurbished computers because:

  • They are highly economical
  • Refurbishing helps the environment
  • School children don’t require the latest technology for learning

In India, there aren’t any organized programs where schools are given good quality refurbished computers and ICT is integrated into the education. In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative for the students to have access to computers and be digitally literate.

The Indian government in the latest budget sanctioned Rs 500 crores towards the “National Rural Internet and Technology Mission”, to expand the reach of broadband connection to the rural areas in India. This implies that the number of schools getting internet connectivity will only increase which will support this initiative.